Friday, November 14, 2014

The Joy of updating

An actual example of why I hate newer version of anything

It happened on linux, but that is really not linux related - it is about the latest version of seamonkey (and should also affect mozilla browser, like firefox).
I just updated to the latest version which is 2.30  - and around the same time noticed a loss of hd space - for no apparent reason...

Looking into the cache folder

I had lost around 1GB of hd space (and since my linux partition is only 16GB - I have to be cautious about every GB) - so I made some queries to find where was the folder that got a sudden increase in size and found that the folder .cache was the culprit - went into that folder and found .cache/mozilla/seamonkey with my several profiles - and in them found 2 folders for cache - the old one, named 'cache' and a second one named 'cache2' ... that's all I needed to know.

Now everybody has a hd with at least 1TB of disk, 4GB of ram and will not notice something like that - or even care about .. which push the developers to let this kind of thing to happen. And even better, if the user is on an old pc, with little space - maybe that last update will be the last push he needs to buy a new pc or mac.

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