Sunday, November 16, 2014

Join us on Tsū

I've joined

You can now find me here on

After joining facebook, tumblr, pinterest, deviantart, and many more ... spending a lot of time on social networks - I was attracted by the new paradigm of Tsū  - to be paid as a content creator to spend that same time sharing and interacting with  like minded people, not to be the product anymore. I hope the other social networks will get the message...

My first impressions

I like Tsū design, I like the color scheme - a gradient of yellow to green - Tsū is responsive, simple, but I wished they would have made a little clearer the limitation in the number of friend requests, the number of shares etc ...I understand the strategy, it is better to have a user coming back everyday than a couple of hard-core users spending a lot time at once, and spamming others, ruining their experiences.

This morning I was surprised to have my first 0.01$ in the bank settings. I think it took me a month to get to that with adSense... users are very enthusiastic and nice, at the moment everybody is sharing, making friends, and bragging about receiving their first checks in the mail.
There is such a clash with facebook, where it is mostly grey in comparison, with the occasional rant in the groups.

Tsū doesn't (yet) have groups, or chat - but I've heard it is somehow planned.
I certainly hope there will be a API too. At the moment I'd like to see a bookmarklet (like the one I use for tumblr) because that is very handy.

Hope it works in the long run

I use to be a member of, yahoo meme, google buzz, google wave, googlepages, slinkset, pixish etc ... all of them looked shiny and promising and because of the ever-changing nature of the internet have been dissolved, disappeared or mutated ...

Anyway I hope will work in the long run. I remember watching Jaron Lanier talking about how the internet users were working adding content without compensation (i.e: mostly on wikipedia) were content creator but were not recognized as such .. it was 2 years ago I think?! The platform dictate the rules, for people who are not yet ready to have their own website, that means to be dependent on the change of terms and conditions, or worse closure of the platform.

I'm glad Jaron is part of team, he truly is a visionary but where is his profile!?

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