Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Guy Seamonkey

A solution 

After my recent rant about the programmed obsolescence designed to push sales of new computers artificially, and for users the sempiternal issue of  not being able to upgrade and having to install new version of their OS that will irremediably be slower and ask for more resources up to the point where they will not be able to use their old pc or mac - I pondered about finding solutions.

Here's one : Seamonkey!

This browser is still supporting old OS (otherwise officially obsolete) - and I think he is the only one to do this... wait ... no .. there's also TenFourFox

This issue of constantly requesting for update isn't a mac only problem - I have the same issue with a Linux distribution (after I installed mint Nadia - I didn't choose a long term support edition (my bad)) and now here's the quick-fix (another fix is to install Qiana (support until 2019) or Maya (support until 2017) but that means I'll have to reformat the disk and have about 3-4 hours of installation, restoring backups, and customization (assuming there will be no funny surprises)).

Which I will eventually do some day .. but not now!

Download seamonkey - it isn't coming through synaptic (the Nadia repository doesn't exist anymore since the support as ended (for Nadia the end was May 2014)).

Then extract the files and go into the folder containing 'seamonkey' folder - open the terminal and type :
$ sudo mv seamonkey/ /usr/local/bin/seamonkey/
After that all files will be transferred in /usr/local/bin

Now just create a xfce icon launcher on the desktop with these settings :

Step for a mac system are even easier

Just download the old release version (ppc version will work on intel platform).

The SeaMonkey for PPC project provides versions beyond SeaMonkey 2.9 for PowerPC/G4 on Mac OS 10.5.x.

Another workaround for mac is TenFourFox

The TenFourFox project provides builds of Firefox for PowerPC (PPC) that are based on Firefox ESR.

Now the last problem ... is Adobe Flash support .. and for this one, I still looking for a decent solution.

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