Friday, April 4, 2014

Python new code update and useful links

Some modifications

Since my last post - I've changed a few lines of code, because it wasn't using the "wrapper" function that I understand is a good practice when using the curses library.

Otherwise when debugging sometime the terminal is rendered unusable (typing characters aren't showed, the sequence would only appear after pressing the return key) - the remedy is to type (blindly) stty sane and pressing enter hoping there was no typo ...


Hosted on google code

The project is now both on and



Here's my bookmarks for Python :

Very useful on how to use the curses library - helped me a lot to understand how to implement :

Very useful tool to understand (by visualization) Python "funky" syntax like :
list1 = list0[:]
x, y = 10, 14

Great list of online Python courses on Codecademy

Interactive online Python console lab from Codecademy

For later use (I'm not there yet) :

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