Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wacom and Linuxmint

Brand new wacom 

Just bought a new Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet CTL-470K - guess what ?!

it doesn't work : neither on Linuxmint KDE 13 nor Linuxmint 9 Isadora Xfce.


What do I mean by "it doesn't work" : You plug the tablet it lights up - but moving the pen on the surface doesn't  move the cursor on the display.
$xinput list
and doesn't seems to detect it

NB : The previous wacom Bamboo CTE-450 worked "out of the box" with LinuxMint (which was a pretty nice user-experience) - I guess there's some lesson to learn from that.


1. Buying the latest product, isn't necessarily the best user experience
2. There must be some enormous change between the 2 models, obviously - something that would require a complete new approach on the drivers
3. An interesting fact : the bamboo pen aren't interchangeable from one tablet model to the other
4. the strange metallic "ring" found in the same plastic bag with the nib, is actually a nib extractor


Here's some more screenshots and research I posted related to this

I followed and installed ; I had very high hope on this fix - but unfortunately ... no improvement - the wacom is still unresponsive (it lights up) but moving the pen doesn't move the cursor - but the wacom module is there!
$ modprobe -l | grep wacom
Now I'm digging deep in that very extensive linuxmint forum post - and trying to figure out what I should install and how to avoid breaking everything.

My current focus is to have it working on Isadora (which is going to be obsolete soon, I know)

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