Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gratuitous painting of a tier1

This is another Gimp painting

A tier1 agent working in the “Call Centre Grinder” - I might call her Tricia, because in the very first episode of season 1 - Martin is mentioning that Tricia is on the late shift, and we actually never have the chance to see her later. The only woman in the Grinder being Barbara for a long while, and at the end of season 2 appears Svetlana ... 
Now the fun part is that I made some preparatory sketches for Tricia (when I was doing character design before starting season1) and she doesn't look like the painting above at all - she was supposed to be more of an Irish "matrone". 

Another fun detail about the painting is the Celtic motives on her brown skirt. 
They're from a Wallpaper  made earlier. I very much like the idea of recycling things.

Now there's the link of the comics - I'm slowly working on season 03 and might even change the vertical 3 frames format into a 4 frames box.

I like to end with some very useful tips on "how to draw girls" from a very talented artist *Robaato :

Girly Tips by *Robaato on deviantART:
- Using shapes for your gestures beats stick figure methods!
- Draw constantly. Don't just look at what you're working on, study it! Learn why certain things connect the way they do, what muscles get tense in a position and relaxed, etc. Don't just draw what you see.
- Come up with your own visual cues to help you "see" how a form works, like the McDonald's Arches and Megaman Boot. You'd be surprised how easy it is for you to remember how something looks!
- With women, remember, dainty and curvy lines beats hard edgy lines! No matter the size of woman's breasts or hips or proportions, these things always apply best: Hands with less lines, thinner fingers and smaller feet. Using line minimally also bumps femininity up if you're not confident with what you're doing yet. And curves always! Even on the straightest line, make it a bit curvy.

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