Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grinder : Episode 024!

I had fun doing this page, but it was challenging ... so challenging in fact that Gimp crashed, I mean it quits completely during a selection - that was pretty surprising and so fast!

The story behind this little comic strip is that Peter (who left at the end of the Season 01) is now in Vegas, trying to join the "Help-Desk Angels" - a group of outlaws who were working in Call Centers all over the World and went Rogue afterward, because they were completely burned-out.

Actually there are many groups of Rogue "Call Center Agents" :
  • the "Headset Angels"
  • the "Help-Desk Angels"
  • the "Phone Wacko"
  • the "Mute Forever"
  • the "Press Hell Support"
Basically all "burned-out agent" join soon or later one of these group. Of course it's not easy to be part of one group, there are some "Rite of passage" and tests to see if a member is worthy.
But it seems that Peter is adamant to do so... 

NB : You can see the "Help-Desk Angels" logo on the back of the T-Shirt, it represents a skull with a headset.

I'll probably will have to create a proper logo for the Help-Desk Angels, later ... 

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