Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Test-Driving Linux Mint 10 "Julia" RC (part 1) Live CD

I'm a Linux Mint user and very happy with this Linux Distribution, because I don't like to spend much time to troubleshoot and tweak the system - and Mint is perfect out of the box (looks good, easy to install and to customized).

I'm running "Helena" (codename for Linux Mint 8) and curious about the latest release I wanted to have a pick at the latest release ("Julia"codename for Linux Mint 10).

After hesitating for a while (because I know there's always something that can drag you into troubleshooting and testing for a couple of days) I decided to test-drive "Julia" (if I may say so!?)

Anyway I added the package unetbootin into "Helena" and downloaded "Julia" iso file.

The result was a Linux Mint 10 "LiveCD" installed on my USB stick - which was faster and more silent than an actual Live CD. But don't be fooled even if the media is a USB (and therefor able to save changes from one session to another) it reacts like a Live CD, obviously.

After the boot screen appeared and the "mint" desktop appeared with the brand new theme (brushed steel called "mint-x metal") I knew that I had to install it even if it was a Release Candidates (which means targeted at developers and beta-testers)

But then that's where the real challenges started ... to be continued

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intriguing ending...