Friday, November 26, 2010

Office Comics Pack

I'm currently writing the Season 02 of "Call Center Grinder"
and since I've almost finished the text and dialogs ; I'm ready to move on with the drawing part, incidentally I was looking for some existing backgrounds - but I actually found a lot better : a complete "Characters and Office package" (64MB of vectorized illustrations especially designed for story-boarding) that looks pretty amazing ...

This is an example of what could be the first episode of the Season 1 if I had used  the provided clip-arts (originally in colors but I convert them in gray tones) :

Here's the link for the files (and kudos for the author : the quality of the clip-arts is amazing)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Xena Fan-art

After last week troubleshooting ... I needed to get back on track and what could be better than a little Fan art ?!

It's like Xena is saying "Go back to work!"

Friday, November 12, 2010

Test-Driving Linux Mint 10 "Julia" RC (part 3) fixing grub

Please read previous article Test-Driving Linux Mint 10 "Julia" RC (part 2) USB stick to get the context

Being stuck with a broken grub ; I had to read documentations to fix the situation
I started with where I found out that menu.lst no longer controls the menu. But grub.cfg is the new configuration filename.
After inspecting the local HD's grub.cfg - I couldn't find any link to the USB key's uuid ?!
I then inspected the USB key's grub.cfg and definitely found mention of the local HD "Helena"

First thing I tried (rebooting on each volume) was :
sudo update-grub 
But it was like "pissing in a violin", nothing changed.

Then I found

The solution looked a bit tortuous but I did what was instructed there : rebooted on the live CD (I made previously)
clicked on the internal HD boot volume waited to see it on the desktop then typed
mount | tail -1
sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /dev/sda
and finger crossed rebooted and it worked - there was no grub rescue error and the laptop was now rebooting Helena

The problem was now that the USB key was useless (can't boot from it anymore)
But I did the same rebooted on the Live CD
inserted the USB key waited then typed
mount | tail -1
sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /dev/sdb
and finger crossed rebooted
and it worked too - except it kept the link to mint-8 "Helena"

And that's the happy ending of this little experiment with mint-10 "Julia"
Now the next challenge for me is to manage to install Gimp 2.7 on the USB key
But before that I think I'll be back drawing for a while ... and do some work.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Test-Driving Linux Mint 10 "Julia" RC (part 2) USB stick

After installing a Live CD of mint-10 "Julia" on my usb stick 4GB using inetbootin  ; I decided to go for the full installation, but still on the usb stick (not on my internal HD that still contains mint-8 "Helena").

First thing I did was my backup using "mintbackup" (just in case something would go wrong, better safe than sorry).

And then burned the mint-10 "Julia" RC iso file on a cd - boot from the live cd (a lot slower and noisier than from the usb obviously) and launch the install.

After 15-20mn the installation was complete, I checked the result:
the USB stick had 2 partitions :
/dev/sdb1 3.8GB as ext4 (0x83) and still 1.1GB available !!!
/dev/sdb2 236MB as swap (0x05)

At this stage I was delighted and impressed so I rebooted pressed F9 and selected USB Hard drive in the bios menu. But then big disappointment there was only a black screen in text mode with a blinking cursor.

I shutdown removed the USB stick put it aside and started again but then something more serious happened -
a message
"grub rescue> error: no such device : fbbba5b7-8624-a5d3-4e561-ebdf2113311" 
appeared and it made no sense
because it was the uuid of the USB key ?!

Anyway I put the USB back, pressed alt+ctrl+del - and then ... I could see a grub menu offering to boot from 2.6.35 "Julia" or my old 2.6.22 "Helena"
For some reason the installed wrote something on the internal HD to include a call to the grub file of the USB key
and couldn't boot otherwise the USB key was in.

And the worst was that the USB key alone couldn't boot - that sound really strange.

The situation was I could still boot "Helena" or "Julia" but assuming the USB stick was plugged permanently on my laptop - and I couldn't used the USB on another computer because it wasn't bootable ?! 

I asked for advice on irc and got the answer that :
a- when performing an install it's better to remove internal HD of the equation (disabling it from the bios (which a couldn't do with my current Bios), or simply physically removing it (no way))
b- I could probably fix the grub and everything should work fine afterward

I thought to modify the file menu.lst - but discovered later that now the file used by grub is now grub.cfg and that we're not supposed to modify it manually.

to be continued ...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Test-Driving Linux Mint 10 "Julia" RC (part 1) Live CD

I'm a Linux Mint user and very happy with this Linux Distribution, because I don't like to spend much time to troubleshoot and tweak the system - and Mint is perfect out of the box (looks good, easy to install and to customized).

I'm running "Helena" (codename for Linux Mint 8) and curious about the latest release I wanted to have a pick at the latest release ("Julia"codename for Linux Mint 10).

After hesitating for a while (because I know there's always something that can drag you into troubleshooting and testing for a couple of days) I decided to test-drive "Julia" (if I may say so!?)

Anyway I added the package unetbootin into "Helena" and downloaded "Julia" iso file.

The result was a Linux Mint 10 "LiveCD" installed on my USB stick - which was faster and more silent than an actual Live CD. But don't be fooled even if the media is a USB (and therefor able to save changes from one session to another) it reacts like a Live CD, obviously.

After the boot screen appeared and the "mint" desktop appeared with the brand new theme (brushed steel called "mint-x metal") I knew that I had to install it even if it was a Release Candidates (which means targeted at developers and beta-testers)

But then that's where the real challenges started ... to be continued

Call Center Grinder Character studies